Surveillance Systems

Surveillance or commonly called CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Systems can be simple or complex systems that normally consist of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Video Monitor(s) and Cameras. Sounds simple right? Well it can be if the right products are chosen. SSI has designed and installed Surveillance Systems that range from 4 static cameras up to 60 static and PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras. Video distribution, matrix switching, RS232, 422 & 485 control distribution and wireless video and data transmissions are all part of SSI’s experience. We also understand what it takes to deliver a robust system that will keep your system recording 24/7. We do this by always designing redundant uninterruptible power backups into the system. In the event there is a power outage the battery backup will take over and keep your system operable while your property is exposed. Attention to detail like this drives our systems to excellence and we’re confident we can build a system to exceed your expectations.

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