Onboard System

A pioneer in the industry, SSI has set the bar for Onboard systems around the continent. Mainly on roller coaster and themed ride vehicle applications, SSI has been successful in designing, fabricating and installing onboard electronic systems. Designing a system that is capable of cycling the track completely un-tethered from power or any other signal is no easy task, but SSI has created many onboard audio systems for major theme parks around the US and Canada. Each of these systems have unique characteristics and specifications that need to be met. Whether we need to deliver an SPL level that cuts through the wind, mechanical and guests screams or provide a light show that dances around the ride vehicle SSI has the tools and engineers to design a custom system for just about any coaster. Audio and lighting are only a couple disciplines that we handle. Video, control and charging system are also important pieces to an onboard system puzzle. This is where SSI’s experience and expertise is pivotal. If you want to add electronics to your coaster look no further. You are only limited by your imagination. SSI is the team you want to design, fabricate and install your onboard system experience.

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