Consulting is the first step in exploring the possibilities of a project. SSI has years of experience and has seen the success and failure of systems in the industry. (All our systems of course succeeded). Knowledge of what works, how to effectively implement it and communicating this to our clients are places we excel. Consulting from the birth of a project or as a 3rd party consultant is something we are familiar with providing and we're confident we can help guide you into the best direction when choosing the characteristics of your next Audio Visual System.





Design Engineering

Equipped with AutoCAD, AutoCAD 3D & Solidworks, SSI has the tools required to provide any level of Audio Visual design package for Audio, Video, Surveillance, Control & Onboard systems as well as designs for custom electronics enclosures and custom onboard electronics charging systems. Our designs fall into a few categories: Feasibility, Conceptual, Preliminary, Detailed and Fabrication Grade. These designs can stand alone or can be taken to the next logical design phase necessary for your project. We print and plot our design packages in house and are capable of producing several reproductions of large design packages. Designs can range from 1 page to 120 pages and SSI can handle these and anything in between.






SSI employs skilled fabricators that are experienced in building systems from a detailed or fabrication grade design. Part of our fabrication process involves wiring our racks to the highest standards, cleaning and testing our systems prior to departure from SSI. This is especially important to aid in an efficient and timely installation. When our fabricators aren't building equipment racks they are possibly integrating electronics into a custom enclosure. Our onboard systems require tedious wiring and termination with extreme attention to detail. This detail is key in the mounting of electronics and cable routing within an equipment enclosure. This is a special skill that is not easily found in the industry, but SSI has these skills.






Installation is basically walking the walk. Once our systems are delivered to site tested and factory accepted from our fabrication department our installers take the handoff of equipment and finish the race. SSI has experienced installers that know how to read plans, communicate with other on site trades, perform proper terminations, install safety measures and bring a system to life. In a perfect world SSI will plug in a system and it will work right on the first try. When other factors outside of our control are present we have the ability to troubleshoot and pinpoint the problem, develop a solution and ultimately implement a professional solution in a timely manner. A tight, clean and professional installation speaks for itself. SSI has what it takes to deliver all of the above.






Systems are installed by SSI and the owners are trained on how to use the system. In the event a component wears out over time or if manipulations are performed on the system without SSI's supervision it is possible that a service call will need to be scheduled. Our clients know that SSI is responsive to any service request no matter the size. It is very important to SSI to continue to please our clients and provide a level of professional service that is above average for any industry. Our 24hr help desk contact form is proof that we are available to help and provide service after the sale.


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