X2 Rollercoaster



What a coaster! X2 is a ferocious roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. SSI chosen as the Onboard Audio expert to design, fabricate and install the X2 Onboard Audio System. This ride showcases a true un-tethered Onboard Audio System; that means each vehicle is completely self sufficient for power, audio and control once it departs from the load station.

Each monster ride vehicle carries an enclosure that houses a plethora of electronics and other secret devices that provide the show experience time after time to all 28 riders on a ride vehicle. Even better, each guest is presented with a stereo audio image. Not bad huh? With a giant coaster like X2 that reaches speeds of up to 76 mph it is imperative to deliver an SPL that cuts through the wind noise, mechanical noise, screaming riders and utter fear that is inescapable and this system achieves it. X2 is truly a spectacle of testosterone, thrill and brilliance as the audio system captivates the “4th dimension”.

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