Universal Studios Hollywood Video Wall


SSI rose to the occasion when Universal Studios asked for a Video Wall in their Mummy Retail store at Universal Studios Hollywood. Rather than using conventional & expensive video wall processors SSI developed a way to reduce the amount of equipment needed, simplify operation and provide a sleek finished product. The video wall consists of nine 46” NEC LCD screens and a few other secret pieces of equipment.

SSI also paired with a custom bracket manufacturer to acquire the right bracket for the job. Perfect spacing is a must when building a video wall and that is exactly what the custom brackets provided. Once installed a completely digital video signal was sent to the screen to yield a beautiful video wall with the screens completely filled from edge to edge. The geometry of the screens when organized in a 3x3 scenario provided a perfect 16:9 aspect ratio for 16:9 formatted video. SSI’s ability to simplify the design not only saved Universal money on the project, but it allowed SSI to finish the installation in a timeframe of 1 day. Now that’s impressive.

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