Terminator Salvation



Roller coaster enthusiasts are relentless in the search for some the bigger, badder, and never before seen. Great Coasters International stepped up to provide a big, bad wooden roller coaster for Six Flags Magic Mountain, and SSI stepped up add something that had never been seen before. This meeting of the minds produced the world’s first wooden roller coaster with on board audio, Terminator Salvation – The Ride.

The tried and tested formula for a wooden roller coaster involves a few high banked turns, a few good hills, a good drop or two, a tall lift hill, a quiet station and a nice train with bench seats. So why mess with a working formula? The norm was not enough for Six Flags so they went straight to the experts at SSI to push the limits by adding a sound system to a wooden roller coaster for the first time. The design of the systems allows two powerful 6”x9” speakers to provide each row with stereo sound and deep bass that cuts through the beloved roar of the coaster. What makes this more than just an ordinary sound system is fact that it pumps over 1600 watts of sound at almost concert level volume for the entire ride without contact with the outside world. Once the train is back in the station it recharges in less than thirty seconds and is ready to go again. SSI installed the on board system on the brand new train at GCI’s shop in Pennsylvania so it arrived in Valencia, California as a complete coaster. SSI’s involvement was an integral part of the incredible success of this ride as one of the biggest, baddest coasters on the west coast.

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