The Simpsons Ride



The Simpsons Ride is a world class theme park attraction at Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood. SSI designed, fabricated and installed the Audio, Video, Surveillance and Control systems for the attraction. This system boasts over 60 LCD screens, 100’s of speakers and 16 equipment racks loaded with headend equipment to deliver a spectacular Audio Visual experience.

The system is broken into sections of the building, such as Extended Queue, Queue, PreShows, Hallways, Holding Rooms, Garages, Ride Vehicles, Domes, Exit Hallways & Exit Ramps. When entering the attraction a guest will be greeted by background music playing in the extended queue and then will find weatherproof LCD screens hanging in the queue line. These monitors are playing a looping queue video and speakers mounted through the queue provide audio for the video.

Once a guest arrives at a PreShow he/she is flanked with LCD screens that showcase different familiar characters from The Simpsons show, as well as screens front and center that play a PreShow Video that sets the plot for the adventure ahead. Moving down the hallways and into the Holding Rooms a guest is provided with more video content that adds to the story. Once this video has completed the doors open to a Garage. In the garage rests a Ride Vehicle. The Ride Vehicle is loaded with a maximum of 8 guests and then the show begins. An LCD front and center of the Garage plays more video that precedes the main show.

Now the car is lifted into the air by its hydraulic system and the car is tossed back and forth to mirror the images projected on the Dome ahead. Giant speaker clusters in each Dome provide the sound reinforcement for the show in a Left, Top Center, Center, Right, Left Surround, Right Surround & Sub environment for a 5.1 audio experience. The Ride Vehicles are also equipped with a sound reinforcement system.

A True 6.1 system exists in each car. Speakers in the dashes, seatbacks, sides and rear of the car provide sound localization and an environment for sound movement and auditory excitement. Under each bench is also a pair of Subwoofers that add the additional punch required to put the show over the top.

Basically, it’s a really cool ride and SSI is proud to have been a part of such an amazing attraction.

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