Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit



Are you ready to rock out at 65 mph? The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios Florida was built for just that. The creative team at Universal set out to create the world’s most technologically advanced roller coaster, so naturally they called the experts at SSI. With personalized music in each seat, an onboard video capture system, and an impressive lighting system, this coaster delivers entertainment from start to finish.

The bar has been set high at Universal Studios. The guests cannot settle for just a ride, they expect an experience that captures their imagination and draws their attention from the moment they enter the queue line. With this ride experience in mind, Universal developed a concept for a roller coaster that was also a full entertainment production. Each seat is outfitted with its own touch screen computer which allows riders to select the music that will play through the 100 watt sound systems in each headrest. The video capture system is the highest quality ever attempted on board a ride, and the results are extraordinary. The 14 computers on board every train communicate wirelessly with each other and with the station to accomplish this incredible feat. The lighting system uses some of the brightest LED panels in the world to create a concert quality show even in full sunlight. The station has a moving platform to allow guests to get in and out of the train without ever stopping the action. This coaster literally never stops. This presented a unique challenge to SSI to charge a train that never stops, but with six chargers and a complex control system SSI stepped up to the challenge of powering these incredible systems. Working together with Universal, Maurer Söhne, Colorvision, and many others, this ride more than met expectations and has raised the bar for a great ride experience even higher.

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