The Mall at Millenia



The Mall at Millenia, owned by The Forbes Company, is a premier retail center and shopping mall in Orlando, FL. SSI is credited with installing the entire background music and paging systems as well as a 12 Channel surround sound audio system in the Grand Court. This system is powered by a Media Matrix system and a rack full of QSC amplifiers. A complex DSP program running in the Media Matrix provides a platform to route and process audio for several discrete zones in the mall. This level of control is a key to the success of the continued operation of the system.

The system is not only a stand alone background music system, but it also provides connectivity for live performances in the grand court. The Welcome Wall contains an XLR input panel that allows a 3rd party reinforcement system to be brought in and fed back into the mall’s system. By offering this level of connectivity guests on the second floor of the mall can hear performances made from a stage below. Flexibility and control are the keys and SSI delivers with this system.

Taking control to the next level, SSI designed and installed a Wifi system that conveniently allows guests to view the internet but it allows an SSI technician to make real-time media matrix manipulation wirelessly from the Grand Court or Food Court. This is important when balancing a system for a live performance.

Surveillance is also a part of Millenia and SSI’s relationship. SSI has renovated roughly 80% of the mall’s CCTV system and we continue to service and upgrade the surveillance system. Static and PTZ cameras cover the mall inside and out to provide a clear picture of events happening at the mall. When Millenia didn’t have a shot of a particular parking lot SSI designed a wireless camera solution that transmits Video and PTZ control wirelessly. This ability to overcome obstacles and provide a stable system has kept SSI’s number on Millenia’s rolodex.

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