Bizarro - Six Flags Great Adventure



The Medusa roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure goes down in history as the world’s first floorless coaster. Since its construction there have been many incredible coasters from Bolliger and Mabillard using this proven formula. Six Flags decided that the coaster that started it all needed some more attention so SSI was brought in to improve upon an already classic ride. Installing a world renowned sound system from SSI gave riders an even more exciting experience and reminded them that BIZARRO is still one of the world’s most exciting coasters.

Medusa proved a unique challenge to SSI because what space can be found on B&M’s very compact and ergonomic seats is taken up by the shoulder restraints. This challenge proved no contest to the engineers at SSI and the system was custom designed to fit the train with no modifications and provided one of the best sounding on board audio systems ever assembled. Each row is outfitted with five speakers, giving each of the four passengers stereo sound. The exceptionally powerful system SSI installed pumps out 1800 watts of power to the 39 speakers on board, making it one of the most powerful systems of its kind. Powering this system on solid ground would be a challenge, but this one is mounted on a coaster and so survives on its own for the entire ride cycle without a hitch and recharges in less than 30 seconds once it reaches the station. Every ride and every sound system comes with its own set of challenges and on Bizarro SSI overcame this by building a system that produces world class audio every time.

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