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What do you get for a man who has everything? The world has agreed that Superman: Ride of Steel was the best roller coaster on the planet, so how could you make it any better? To answer that question Six Flags New England called SSI. In response to the challenge SSI worked closely with Intamin, the coaster manufacturer, and Six Flags to design a sound system that pushes the world’s best coaster in the realm of Bizarro and to a new level of excitement.

To rejuvenate the aging ride, Intamin provided all new trains for Superman, giving SSI a chance to integrate a system that feels like the ride was built for it. Each seat was outfitted with a headrest that includes two speakers giving each rider incredible, personal, stereo sound. The electronics required for the system live together in an enclosure on the tenth row of the train, leaving the front and back of the train free to the guests. What makes this more than just an ordinary sound system is fact that it pumps over 1600 watts of sound at almost concert level volume for the entire ride without contact with the outside world. Once the train is back in the station it recharges in less than thirty seconds and is ready to go again. About halfway through the fabrication process Six Flags gave the word that the color for the OBA enclosure should be purple. Superman is purple? A few weeks later the new theme for attraction was unveiled, and then on May 22nd, 2009 BIZARRO was unleashed to the world. So what do you get for the ride that has everything? A world class sound system from SSI.

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